Appendix. Project Status

A1. Project Management Status in JAXA


  • In 'Solar System Exploration Plan' : Jupiter Exploration is one of major parts in the 2020s' program.


  • Jupiter Exploration Working Group was officially formed in ISAS/JAXA. At the first stage, it only contains 'Science Study Team'. Possible scenarios were studied with the link to European colleagues for ESA Cosmic Vision proposal 'LAPLACE'. Multiple Meetings linked to European colleagues for ESA Cosmic Vision were done.


  • Mission Study Team was formed in April. With support from contractors, base technologies & payload studies will start from June for JMO. (eg. Orbital design, Power, Thermal, Telecommunication, RCS, Rad-hard technologies, etc.)
  • Science Study Team also participate the JGO / JEO mission payloads.

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: June 15 2008)

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