We 'the JMO Science Forum' try to define the Science Requirement for the Jupiter Magnetosphric Orbiter (JMO) in the context of the Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM).

It will be used as the reference document for

  • (1) the study of the JMO in JAXA with its contractors,
  • (2) the definition of model payloads' characteristics, and
  • (3) the definition of the coordination of all elements in the EJSM.

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: June 15 2008)

I.2 The Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM)

The EJSM mission includes 3 spacecraft:

  • (1) The Jupiter Europa Orbiter (JEO) by NASA,
  • (2) the Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter (JGO) by ESA, and
  • (3) the Jupiter Magnetospheric Orbiter (JMO) studied by JAXA.


  • (4) the Europa lander is also studied by Roscosmos as a stand-alone mission.

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: June 15 2008)

I.3 Planning Schedule

  • End of Aug. 2008 Issue of the 1st version of SciRD
  • End of TBC 2008 The 1st output of "JAXA & Contractors study"
  • End of TBC 2008 Issue of the 2nd version of SciRD

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: Sep 4 2008)

I.4 The JMO Science Forum

The JMO Science Forum is established in June 2008. It opens to all key scientists in this fields.

The ML is operated for the information exchanges. Please contact to following members.


  • Y. Kasaba (Tohoku Univ.) [kasaba (at) pat.geophys.tohoku.ac.jp]
  • M. Fujimoto (JAXA) [fujimoto (at) stp.isas.jaxa.jp]


  • Norbert Krupp (MPS) [krupp (at) linmpi.mpg.de]


  • Krishan Khurana (UCLA) [kkhurana (at) igpp.ucla.edu]

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: June 15 2008)

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