II.1 The Science Goal

The JMO is dedicated to the Space Sciences of the Jovian System. It is not the satellite orbiter, and covers the key regions of the Jovian System by in-situ and remote sensing instruments.

The JMO can potentially cover the following objectives:

  • (1) Magnetosphric and Space Sciences [In-situ & Remote sensing]
  • (2) Satellite Sciences [In-situ (flybys) & Remote sensing]
  • (3) Atmospheric Sciences [Remote sensing]

The mission design will be optimized to the first topics. It is supported by and coordinated complementarily with other elements of the EJSM.

For the second and third topics, the JMO will support the objectives of other elements of the EJSM.

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: June 15 2008)

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