II.2 The Magnetospheric and Space Sciences

II.2.1 Main Objectives

The JMO try to achieve the three main breakthrough, by the First Multi-Scale studies for Jovian System.

  • First Complete survey of allover the Jovian magnetosphere Orbit: from 'Io Torus' (6 Rj) to 'Corotation Boundary & Tail reconnection region' (50 - 100 Rj)
  • First Complete survey of wide time-regime in the Jovian Magnetosphere Time Scale: from 'msec order' (electron - ion scale) to 'Years' (effect of Io activities / solar wind controls)
  • First full-scale coordinated studies of the Jovian Magnetosphere Coordination: Coupling of 'the latest IN-SITU & IMAGING techniques' (Full optimization toward the Plasma Universe) and 'Coupling with JGO & JEO' (Multipoint studies)

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: Sep 4 2008)

II.2.2 Science Goal

(1) Jupiter : Investigation of 'a Fast Rotating Huge System' like Pulser


**** Energy Transfer in 'the Fast-Rotating Magnetosphere'
 - How is the energy procurement from the Jovian rotational energy toward the Magnetosphere?
 - How is the control of the solar wind energy toward the Magnetosphere?
 - etc...
**** Critical processes in 'the Huge Magnetosphere'
 - How is the magnetic reconnection process in the huge / thick plasma sheet?
 - etc...

Requirements to Mission Design

 - Coverage of Co-rotation boundary / Magnetotail with Multi-point In-situ observation.
 - Good solar wind estimation or monitoring
 - etc...

(2) Jupiter : Investigation of 'the Giant Accelerator' in the solar system


**** Mechanism of Relativistic Particle Accelerations
 - How is the effective mechanism of non-linear wave-particle interaction?
 - How is the radiation environment of Europa / Ganymede ?
 - etc...
**** Mechanism of unknown particle acceleration and heating process
 - How is the mechanism of Quasi-Periodic (40min) burst?
 - etc...

Requirements to Mission Design

 - Coverage of inner magnetospheric reagion
 - Good solar wind estimation or monitoring
 - etc...

(3) Jupiter : Investigation of 'an Electromagnetic Binary System'


* Procurement of / Interaction by cold heavy particles -- Io

 - How is the transport and heating process -- seeds of the cosmic ray ?
 - How is the loss of high-energy particles?

* Magnetosphere - Magnetosphere coupling process -- Ganymede

 - How is the difference of icy satellite environment with / without magetic field?
 - etc...

Requirements to Mission Design

 - Multi-point in-situ measurement including Io Torus and flybys
 - Imaging of Io torus etc. from high-latitude reagion
 - etc...

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: Sep. 4 2008)

II.2.3 Synergy with JGO and JEO

In-situ Multi-Point Studies

  • Study the coupling (electron beams, field-aligned currents) between the equatorial regions (JEO and JGO) and the high-latitude regions (JMO) of the magnetosphere, following Juno science.
  • Study the coupling between the inner magnetosphere (JEO), the middle magnetosphere (JGO) and the outer magnetosphere (JMO) of Jupiter by tracing the circulation of the magnetospheric plasma from its sources to its sinks.
  • Study the 3D structure (multi-point measurements) of the Jovian magnetosphere including its Local time asymmetries.
  • Detail the processes (radial diffusion in the equatorial plane and pitch angle diffusion at higher latitude) responsible for the acceleration of particles at the origin of the Jovian radiation belts.
  • Use one of the mission elements as a solar wind monitor when the other two mission elements orbit within the Jovian magnetosphere in order to detail the solar wind influence on the structure and dynamics of the Jovian magnetosphere (Jovian space weather).

Combination of In-situ & Remote

  • Detail the global structure and dynamics of the Jovian ring current by remotely sensing its ENA emissions (JMO), as done by Cassini MIMI/INCA at Saturn or IMAGE at the Earth.
  • Use one of the mission elements (JMO with ENA imager and Radio and Plasma Wave instrument or JGO with UV Spectrometer) to remotely monitor the meteorology of the Io torus (Io space weather).

(ed. Nicolas Andre, nandre AT rssd.esa.int : June 11 2008)

II.2.3 Proposals

(Any inputs!)

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