III The Spacecraft

The JMO is optimized to the in-situ and remote-sensing plasma measurements in the Jovian system. It will be the Spinning spacecraft with the Spin axis alingned to the Earth's direction. The base design is under the helitage of the Nozomi spacecraft, the BepiColombo? Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO). Some technologies are also from the base studies in the Solar Sail project in ISAS/JAXA.

III.1 Current Plan (2007 Version: to be updated in the end of August 2008)

At this moment, JAXA studies are optimized toward the increase of payload mass. The following parameters are the rough estimation by the Working Group members.

III.1.1 Assumption

  • Launch : 2020s
  • Launcher : H2A + Upper Stage
  • The Cruise Composite : 2600kg (at the launch)
  • Cruising : VEEGA orbit with Chamical propulsion (6-8 years)

III.1.2 The JMO

Base parameters

  • Mass : 400kg (after the separation from the cruise composite)
  • Power : 200W

Mass and Power

  • Payload : 25kg 10W (We hope to increase!)
  • -------------------------------------------------
  • TT&C : 24 kg 115W [X:16bps Ka:1kbps]
  • Data Handling : 15 kg 30W
  • Attitude Control : 6kg 10W
  • Electrical Power : 40kg 10W
  • Reaction Control : 30kg [Mono-Hydrazine]
  • Thermal Control : 15kg 20W
  • Structure : 20kg
  • Integration : 15kg 5W
  • Solar Array Paddle : 150kg [300W at 5AU]
  • -------------------------------------------------
  • Dry Total : 340kg 200W
  • Propellant : 60kg [dV = 400m/s]
  • -------------------------------------------------
  • Wet Total : 399.5

(Ed. Yasumasa Kasaba: June 15 2008)

III.2 Proposals

(Any inputs!)

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