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Welcome to the Space Plasma Group Website!

The study of space plasma processes concerns universal interactions between plasma and electromagnetic fields. In our efforts to understand space plasmas we lead (i) instrument development, (ii) data analysis and (iii) theoretical and simulation studies. We also participate actively in designing the next generation of international space exploration missions such as the BepiColombo/MMO mission to Mercury and the SCOPE mission to probe the plasma surrounding the Earth.

(i) Instrument Development
We pursue new, efficient and accurate instruments to measure fundamental physical parameters e.g. the three-dimensional velocity distribution of space plasma, ion characteristics and variable magnetic field environments.

(ii) Data Analysis
Using data from Japanese (e.g. Geotail, Akebono, Reimei and Selene) and international spacecraft and ground-based observations, we examine the physics of space plasma and planetary auroral phenomena. We focus on energetic particle acceleration and the formation and interactions of shocks to determine the underlying physics.

(iii) Theoretical and Simulation Studies
We reproduce the temporal and spatial variations of space plasma interactions using super-computing facilities. Our aim is to observe the key behaviour of ions and electrons in the context of dynamic global phenomena such as magnetic reconnection and plasma vortices, to understand the cross-scale coupling from particle scales to the global structures.

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