ISAS Workshop: Magnetospheric Plasmas 2013

11-13 November, 2013


   Department for Solar System Sciences, ISAS, JAXA

  Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Inst. of Tech

         STE Lab., Nagoya Univ.




Tokyo Institute of Technology

2-12-1-1E-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo,
152-8550, JAPAN

Poster .......... 1st floor community room

Workshop .... 4th floor conference room

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The grand design of this series of workshops held every year is to inivte

foreign researchers working on cutting-edge topics and get them mingled

with our Japanese colleagues  in a relaxed mood so that <chemical reaction>

can be promoted. Since ISAS is a science institute that flies space missions,

selection of topics is mission-oriented. For this year, the topics are:


We believe there are good examples showing that excellent space plasma physics

can be performed by using Cassini data. Some of them are even more highly valued

when compared with counter cases at Earth and/or Mercury. Others indicate lessons

to be learned from the rotating plasma system.

SPRINT-A is an ISAS mission to be launched in August 2013. Long-term,

continuous EUV imaging of the Jupiter global system (Io torus in the

inner-magnetosphere simultaneous with polar aurora reflecting the activities

in the outer-magnetosphere) will be performed for the first time. It sets the platform

upon which spotty yet powerful observation campaigns by <big> space telescope

(Hubble, Chandar, XMM and Suzaku) are situated. Expectations of the campaigns

is one of the focal points of the WS.

Many Japanese colleagues grew-up inspecting Geotail data, and they are

very much akin to the argument of scale-dependent physics (and coupling

among processes at different scales). MMS, diving into the world of electron-scales,

is the one that we are waiting for. Related theory talks expressing expectation

of the mission will be given at the WS.

ERG is another ISAS mission that will explore the inner-magnetosphere of Earth

as a part of the international campaign in 2010's. The WS will let the attendees

to think how to get the best out of the campaign.


Invited Speakers:

Nick Achilleos, Sarah Badman, Pontus Brandt, Lunjin Chen, Yuichiro Ezoe, Xianzhe Jia, Soshi Kawai, Kunihiro Keika,

Krishan Khurana, Ralp Kraft, Adam Masters, Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Tai Phan, Eric Quémerais, Licia Ray,

Yoshifumi Saito, Masafumi Shoji, Andrew Steffl, Drew Turner, Maria Usanova, Ichiro Yoshikawa, Seiji Zenitani


Program(Oral & Poster): updated on Nov.7 here.

- Invited talks: 30 min talk + 10 min discussion

- Contributed talks: 20 min talk and 5 min discussion

- A half-day poster viewing time



The WS venue is on the south-edge of mid-Tokyo area (ISAS campus is about

1.5hr train ride from the WS venue). Accommodation in the areas like, Shibuya,

Gotanda, Meguro, Shinagwa, Oimachi (and Roppongi) would be covinient for you.

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